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— The New York Times
[You spend] the whole show not only laughing hysterically, but completely and totally enthralled
A masterful magician! Magic becomes effortlessly contemporary
— The Secret History of Magic

A magic show with a new style and a new flair…

Alex Ramon “IMpossible” is a magic and illusion show for the whole family. Witness a beautiful girl float on sound waves in “Acoustic Levitation”, the most famous illusion reinvented and performed impossibly in “Sawn in Half” and a death-defying underwater escape “Submerged”. “IMpossible” promises to deliver a magic show that includes audience interaction and participation so those watching get to be a part of the magic too! Alex Ramon’s theatricality allows him to introduce the world of magic, all of its most incredible marvels, and some of its newest miracles, to the latest generation of audiences. Believe in Magic!

Ramon’s wide-eyed excitement is contagious
he pulls off some illusions... that can only be described as Grand
Redefining the role of an Illusionist
— Kenneth Feld
— Los Angeles Times
His fast-paced production showcases not only world-class magic, but also music, dancing, costume changes, history lessons and a dose of humor
— Reno Gazette- Journal
Startlingly original. A bright flash of lightning on the stage”
— Genii Magazine