Underwater Escape



Alex Ramon escaped being handcuffed and locked inside a tank of water!

AlexRamon WaterTank


This July 4th, just before thousands watched fireworks on the shores of Lake Tahoe, they were watching fireworks of a different kind.

Magician Alex Ramon attempted a white-knuckle escape. Handcuffed inside of a transparent tank of water and forced to hold his breath, he maneuvered his hands with meticulous precision, to carefully pick the locks so that he could free himself. The stunt, he claimed, is something that Houdini never attempted, a death defying challenge that he’s called, “Submerged.”

After almost two minutes submerged beneath the water, carefully managing his breath, with the crowd of thousands watching his every move and holding their breaths along with him, the locks were pushed aside with a clatter of steel, the lid shot up, and Ramon sprung to his feet, gasping for air. The audience instantly burst into cheers, and the host of the event, Dreu Murin, rushed to the tank to congratulated him.

According to Ramon, his “Submerged” escape called for a special set of skills.

“I’ve been training for the past four months to insure that I am physically and, more importantly, mentally prepared,” he said after the escape. “That’s really part of it. You have to picture every movement in your head, see it first. Then your hands can do it.”

A major challenge was adjusting to the altitude in Lake Tahoe. The magician explained, “Where I have been training, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I am only about 62 ft above sea level. Lake Tahoe is over 6,200 ft above sea level. Getting a deep breath is so much more difficult, and the entire escape depends upon that.

His escape demonstration used a special plastic tank, so that everyone could watch his twists and turns inside. His hands were locked outside the top of the tank. Once his head was pushed under water and the lid was locked in place, it was impossible to get a breath of air until the locks were opened.

The audience was unaware of the safety precautions. Just offstage, a paramedic was prepared and assistants were ready to smash the hardware on the tank, and pull Ramon out if his procedure failed, and he was in trouble. “We’re always ready,” he explained. “They would demolish the tank and get me out, if I blacked out. We have to plan for it, but we don’t want to think about it.”

On July 4, the escape was watched by the audience as part of the Lake Tahoe Red White and Blue event. It was also broadcast live on KAME MY21 FOX Reno.

Ramon explained, “I really did put my life on the line. It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted a challenge like this. It’s not just a performance. It’s really a physical test, a number of careful steps, so that I escape alive. The secrets for this escape, the techniques, are completely different from the secrets I use in magic.”

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