Taylor Swift "Flaming Rose"


Alex worked with Grammy Award Winner Taylor Swift creating a piece of magic featured in Taylor’s ground-breaking world premiere performance of “Blank Space” on the American Music Award’s. This piece of magic was featured on HollywoodReporter.com, Eonline, and BuzzFeed’s top moments of the AMA’s!

Alex Ramon Taylor Swift Flaming Rose


No Doubt we have all been inundated with news about the AMAs last night. Stars and celebrities were only surrounded by, other stars and celebrities. Pop stars performed one after the other to a screaming crowd, but one stood out from the rest yet again. Taylor Swift’s world premiere performance of her #1 Blank Space stole the show!

During her groundbreaking performance she performed some magic with the help of master magician Alex Ramon.

E! Online writes “The blond beauty grabbed a red rose that was on fire and plucked off one flaming petal. She watched the flame burn in her hand for several seconds before putting out the fire with a closed fist.”

Time.com headline in bold was “She lights a rose on fire!”

HollywoodReporter.com headline with a photo says “That time Taylor’s possibly a witch?”

Ramon was touring his illusion show #NewMagic in Los Angeles, and received a phone call asking for his help creating magic for a high profile artist and event.

“I couldn’t say who the artist was or what it was for. I had to be very secretive with my plans. But, I know how to keep a secret, I’m a magician.”

Ramon spent a total of 6 days with Swift rehearsing, coaching, and perfecting the “Flaming Rose and Hand” that she was to perform.

“I had to make sure safety was our top priority. Taylor was fearless! She was holding fire like it was nothing. Amazing!”

Alejandro Gonzalez